Bowel Cancer Awareness

1 in 15 men and 1 in 18 women
are diagnosed with bowel cancer in their lifetime.
It is the 4th most common type of cancer

Bowel cancer can affect anyone at any age.  It is more common as we get older but no-one should
ignore worrying symptoms.  Bowel cancer is treatable and curable if found and treated early.


Bleeding from your back passage/or blood in your poo

Persistent change in bowel habits

Unexplained weight loss

Pain or lump in the tummy

Risk Factors

Aged over 50

Strong family history of bowel cancer

Previous polyps in your bowel

Type two diabetes

An unhealthy lifestyle

Bowel cancer screening

Bowel screening is offered to people from 50 – 60 years of age (depending on location).
The screening process is simple – an easy test on your poo that you can do at home in privacy.
It looks for hidden blood in your poo.  Just remember the earlier bowel cancer is diagnosed the easier it is to treat.

If you have concerning symptoms and would like to know how to get a screening

Please contact your GP or health care professional

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