Patient Stories

Mrs Ceri Vickery – Positivity

“The one thing I can do is walk, get about, drive my little car, do my garden and I’m very fortunate that’s the best bit.  That’s me”

Mrs Sue Howells – A Perspective

“My name is Sue Howells.  I am a Colorectal Nurse Specialist and also a patient and this disease changed my attitude towards life.”

Robert’s Story – The Impact of COVID

“A couple of days before my operation I had COVID.  COVID did impact on my operation.  The treatment I received was top notch”

Christopher’s Story – The Impact of COVID

“I would say all in all they did a cracking job under difficult circumstances during COVID.  Back to normal life and normal living.”

Mrs Rees – A Story

“I am now getting back to my old self.  Being fit and healthy.  Eat well. Sleep well. Enjoy my life as I have been given it back.”

Mr Clarke – An Experience

A Bowel Screening Wales patient – “The treatment I had was exemplary.  Patient care outstanding.  Life changing and Life Saving.  People in two minds about sending this pack in, please do it.”

Mrs Parker Gair – A Testimonial

Stoma Teaching Pack – “On going through it, it is easy peasy and self explanatory”.  The Patient DVD – “The information was priceless, it just took all the fear away.  Absolutely priceless, it was wonderful.”

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